CXL Institute Growth Marketing Mini Degree Review: Week 1

Week 1:

The Growth Mindset

  1. Traditional marketing focuses on the top of the funnel. They’re responsible for the first two stages of Pirate Metrics growth framework, introduced by Dave McClure: Acquisition and Activation.

Building a Growth Process

  1. High-level strategy: Define key high-level metrics for different levers of growth based on users’ lifecycle. Take a look at this from the AARRR perspective and through the lens of customer lifecycle. Make sure to dice those goals and get sub-metrics to find out all the ways you can grow your business.
  2. Quarterly growth planning: Look for weak points to improve on the customer journey map. Rely on quantitative data and talk to your users to get qualitative information. This will help in setting goals.

User-centric Marketing

Customer Journey Map




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