Ironhack Challenge #1: Design Thinking

Citymapper iOS and browser app
Image by: Teo Yu Siang and Interaction Design Foundation.

Stage 1: Empathize

First, I did some personal introspection came up with the following answers to the respective questions.

  • What problem are you solving?
  • Who’s your audience?
  • Who’s your client’s competition?
  • What’s the tone/ feeling?

Stage 2: Define

The main issues that were mentioned were:

  • Time: Difficulty locating the ticket machines, waiting in queues and losing time
  • Confusion: Complex ticket purchasing process causing lost time, confusion, and unsuccessful trips(one interviewee mentioned having to go until the final station on a route instead of her desired stop and spending an extra hour on the trip)
  • Storage: Losing paper tickets, not durable tickets getting damaged, having to carry multiple tickets in their wallets or purses, finding the ticket, and every time they have to use it and getting annoyed. One interviewee mentioned his frustration by saying: “I don’t like carrying tons of s#!+ in my wallet!”
  • Money problems: Carrying any cash, coins and going to exchange offices only to get some local currency to buy tickets and getting a return on remaining credit when they’re about to leave the country
  • Environmental impact of paper tickets

Stage 3: Ideation

The answers I got during the interviews once again made it clear that my generation’s desire to achieve things with no delay or deferment was a crucial need that had to be satisfied. Basically changing vehicles, having different platforms to plan a route, buy the tickets and everything in between is a bit too much for 1-click order junkies like us. Damn you Amazon!

Stage 4: Prototype

I’m not the best with a pen I get it :(





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